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Fifth Committee, 25th meeting - General Assembly, First part of resumed 74th session
11 Mar 2020 -  Fifth Committee: Administrative and Budgetary Committee.
- Review of the efficiency of the administrative and financial functioning of the United Nations - Item 133
A/74/658, A/74/741 
Introduction and general discussion
- Human resources management - Item 140
Amendments to the Staff Regulations and Rules
A/74/289, A/73/378/Add.1, A/74/732
Introduction and general discussion
- Appointments to fill vacancies in subsidiary organs and other appointments - Item 115
- Appointment of members of the Committee on Contributions - Item 115 (b) - A/74/102/Add.2 
- Appointment of members of the Independent Audit Advisory Committee - Item 115 (e) - A/74/105/Add.1