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First Committee, 19th meeting - General Assembly, 74th session
30 Oct 2019 -  Disarmament and International Security Committee.
Thematic discussion on specific subjects and introduction and consideration of all draft resolutions and decisions submitted under agenda items (from 89 to 105).
Briefing by the Chief of the Regional Disarmament, Information and Outreach Branch, Office for Disarmament Affairs.
Regional disarmament and security (continued).
Disarmament machinery.
A/C.1/74/1, A/C.1/74/INF/1, A/C.1/74/INF/4, A/74/27, A/74/29, A/74/77, A/74/90, A/74/96, A/74/97, A/74/98, A/74/99, A/74/110, A/74/112, A/74/114, A/74/115, A/74/116, A/74/117, A/74/118, A/74/120, A/74/122, A/74/140 A/74/141, A/74/154, A/74/155, A/74/157 (Part I), A/74/157 (Part II), A/74/158, A/74/180, A/74/187, A/74/201, A/74/211, A/74/218, A/74/247, A/C.1/74/L.1, A/C.1/74/L.2, A/C.1/74/L.3, A/C.1/74/L.4, A/C.1/74/L.5, A/C.1/74/L.6, A/C.1/74/L.7, A/C.1/74/L.8, A/C.1/74/L.9, A/C.1/74/L.10, A/C.1/74/L.11, A/C.1/74/L.12, A/C.1/74/L.13, A/C.1/74/L.14, A/C.1/74/L.15, A/C.1/74/L.16, A/C.1/74/L.17, A/C.1/74/L.18, A/C.1/74/L.19, A/C.1/74/L.20, A/C.1/74/L.21, A/C.1/74/L.22, A/C.1/74/L.23, A/C.1/74/L.24, A/C.1/74/L.25, A/C.1/74/L.26, A/C.1/74/L.27, A/C.1/74/L.28, A/C.1/74/L.29, A/C.1/74/L.30, A/C.1/74/L.31, A/C.1/74/L.32, A/C.1/74/L.33, A/C.1/74/L.34, A/C.1/74/L.35, A/C.1/74/L.36, A/C.1/74/L.37, A/C.1/74/L.38, A/C.1/74/L.39, A/C.1/74/L.40, A/C.1/74/L.41, A/C.1/74/L.42, A/C.1/74/L.43, A/C.1/74/L.44, A/C.1/74/L.45, A/C.1/74/L.46, A/C.1/74/L.47, A/C.1/74/L.48, A/C.1/74/L.49, A/C.1/74/L.50, A/C.1/74/L.51, A/C.1/74/L.52, A/C.1/74/L.53, A/C.1/74/L.54, A/C.1/74/L.55, A/C.1/74/L.56, A/C.1/74/L.57, A/C.1/74/L.58, A/C.1/74/L.59, A/C.1/74/L.60, A/C.1/74/L.61