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Third Committee, 7th meeting - General Assembly, 75th session
13 Nov 2020 -  Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Committee.
Social development, including questions relating to the world social situation and to youth, ageing, persons with disabilities and the family - Item 27 (b)
Action on draft resolution(s) - A/C.3/75/L.2, A/C.3/75/L.3, A/C.3/75/L.9/Rev.1
Advancement of women - Item 28
Action on draft resolution(s) - A/C.3/75/L.6/Rev.1
Action on draft amendment(s) - A/C.3/75/L.72, A/C.3/75/L.75, A/C.3/75/L.76
Action on draft resolution(s) - A/C.3/75/L.13/Rev.1
Action on draft amendment(s) - A/C.3/75/L.55, A/C.3/75/L.56, A/C.3/75/L.57, A/C.3/75/L.58, /C.3/75/L.66, A/C.3/75/L.67
Action on draft resolution(s) - A/C.3/75/L.14
Action on draft amendment(s) - A/C.3/75/L.68
Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, questions relating to refugees, returnees and displaced persons and humanitarian questions - Item 63
Action on draft resolution(s) - A/C.3/75/L.21
Promotion and protection of the rights of children - Item 68 (a)
Action on draft resolution(s) - A/C.3/75/L.18/Rev.1
Action on draft amendment(s) - A/C.3/75/L.77, A/C.3/75/L.78, A/C.3/75/L.79, A/C.3/75/L.80, A/C.3/75/L.81, A/C.3/75/L.82, A/C.3/75/L.83, A/C.3/75/L.84
Implementation of human rights instruments - Item 72 (a)
Action on draft resolution(s) - A/C.3/75/L.39
Human rights questions, including alternative approaches for improving the effective enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms - Item 72 (b)
Action on draft resolution(s) - A/C.3/75/L.22
Crime prevention and criminal justice - Item 113
Action on draft resolution(s) - A/C.3/75/L.10/Rev.1
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