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General Assembly: 48th plenary meeting, 74th session
16 Dec 2019 -  Strengthening of the coordination of humanitarian and disaster relief assistance of the United Nations, including special economic assistance - Item 71 - A/74/464
Strengthening of the coordination of emergency humanitarian assistance of the United Nations - Item 71 (a) - A/74/81, A/74/138, A/74/319, A/74/L.31, A/74/L.32, A/74/L.34, A/74/L.35, A/74/L.36
Assistance to the Palestinian people - Item 71 (b) - A/74/89, A/74/L.33
Special economic assistance to individual countries or regions - Item 71 (c)
Strengthening of international cooperation and coordination of efforts to study, mitigate and minimize the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster - Item 71 (d) - A/74/461, A/74/L.30
Joint debate