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Protection of critical infrastructure against terrorist attacks in the context of implementation of UN SC Resolution 2341 (2017) - Permanent Mission of Ukraine (Side-Event)
26 Jun 2018 -  In recent decade, the terrorist threat has grown at an exponential rate. Terrorists endanger public security, threaten state organs and undermine public confidence in security institutions. Their attacks result in civilian casualties, large-scale damage and loss of property, disrupt proper work of public infrastructure, and bring chaos in the social order (society), and may cause highly diverse environmental consequences as well as significantly undermine national defense capabilities.
Objects of critical infrastructure have long been attractive targets for terrorist groups. They have to be protected against a growing number of diverse threats, both physical and cyber.
Working Paper encourages exploring ways to assess vulnerabilities, interdependencies, capabilities, and cascading effects of impact of terrorist attacks on critical infrastructure, as well as to consider Ukraine’s experience on possible preventive measures as an example to follow while developing national strategies and policies in this field.