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Panel II, Developing a gender lens - Forum on Business and Human Rights 2018
27 Nov 2018 -  Developing a gender lens to business and human rights

Brief description of the session:
Against this background, this session – framed as a “gender roundtable” – will discuss major challenges faced by women in business-related contexts and explore potential solutions as well as good practices to address these challenges. The roundtable will focus on the following five thematic areas:
•Sexual harassment and sexual violence against women
•Gender sensitive human rights due diligence
•Economic inclusion and empowerment of women
•Impact of trade, investment and tax regimes on women
•Women’s experiences of accessing effective remedies and defending rights

To prepare for the gender roundtable, individuals and organizations who had submitted session proposals for the Forum related to gender issues and some other stakeholders have been invited to form a small group on each of the above five themes. Each group is expected to discuss internally and prepare a 2-page brief to inform discussion at the gender roundtable. The briefs will highlight the main challenges faced by women in the five specific thematic situations identified above as well as the potential solutions and good practices to overcome those challenges. All received briefs will be posted on the UN Working Group’s gender project WEBPAGE

Session objectives:
•Raise sensitivity amongst all stakeholders about the key challenges faced by women in business-related contexts.
•Identify potential solutions as well as best practices concerning these challenges.
•Inform the UN Working Group’s proposed gender guidance on how to “protect, respect and remedy” the rights of women in a business context in line with the UNGPs.

Moderator/ Introductory Remark...
•Surya Deva, Vice-chairperson, UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights
•Susan Mathew, Human Rights Officer, Right to Development Division, OHCHR
•Irit Tamir, Director of Oxfam America's Private Sector Department, OXFAM
•Salome Atieno, Executive Director, Haki Mashinani Kenya
•Jesse Coleman, Legal Researcher, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investmentbr> •Sean Cornelissen, Policy Officer, Natural Resources Policy,, Global Affairs Canada
•Mary Kambo, Programme Advisor on Labour & Business and Human Rights, Kenya Human Rights Commission
•Sarah Knuckey, Columbia Law School Human Rights Clinc
•Elizabeth Umlas, Lecturer, University of Fribourg

( Developing a gender lens to business and human rights)
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