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Panel on Lessons from Legal Developments - Forum on Business and Human Rights 2018
28 Nov 2018 -  Elements of effective human rights due diligence regulation: lessons from legal developments
Short description of the session:
Recently, the EU and a range of countries around the world have adopted or started to consider legislation that requires businesses to either address or communicate how they address human rights impacts. This includes for example the Brazilian “dirty list” of slave labor, EU Non-financial Reporting Directive, the French Duty of Vigilance law, the UK Modern Slavery Act, and the Responsible Business Conduct bill currently discussed in the Swiss Parliament. These initiatives differ in purpose, human rights risks addressed, and type of legal obligations, but they all utilise the concept of Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD).
This session will take stock of the experience with these developments, with a focus on their outcomes, impacts on corporate accountability, and implementation by companies in order to draw lessons for further legislative developments.
Session objectives:
• Summarise lessons from implementation of HRDD requirements by companies.
• Clarify what are effective means of ensuring HRDD by regulation and necessary elements of such regulation. • Identify key information on the conduct of HRDD that should be disclosed.

Key discussion questions:
• How are companies implementing HRDD regulations? What is feasible and what is best practice?
• What are the lessons for designing effective legislative framework to incentivise companies to respect human rights effectively?
Moderator/ Introductory Remark...
•Phil Bloomer, Executive Director, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
•Patricia Carrier, Project Manager, Modern Slavery Registry, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
•Filip Gregor, Head of Responsible Companies Section, Frank Bold
•Lorenz Isle, Sustainability Manager, IKEA Group
•Laurent L'hopitallier, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sanofi
•Joana Nabuco, Officer of Development and Socio-Environmental Rights Program, Conectas Human Rights

( Developing a gender lens to business and human rights)