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Ensuring the right to a nationality - 11th session of the Forum on Minority Issues
30 Nov 2018 -  Item 4: Ensuring the right to a nationality for persons belonging to minorities through facilitation of birth registration, naturalization and citizenship for stateless minorities
The session will address the challenges faced by persons belonging to minorities, including nomadic and other non-traditional minorities and minorities living in isolated border areas, in obtaining or demonstrating citizenship. It will also provide an opportunity to identify examples of effective measures for the elimination of laws and practices that arbitrarily deny or deprive persons of their nationality on the basis of discriminatory grounds such as race, ethnicity, religion and language.

During the session,participants will share views on effective ways to ensure access to the documentation needed to prove nationality or entitlement to nationality for all, without discrimination.

The panel discussion is moderated by Mr. Amal de Chickera (Sri Lanka/), Co-Founder and Co-Director of Institute on Statelessness and Inclusionv • Ms. Elizabete Krivcova(Latvia), Board Member of Latvian Non-Citizen’s Congress
• Mr. Khalid Hussain(Bangladesh), Chief Executive at Council of Minorities
• Beneco Enecia (Dominican Republic),Director of the Center for Sustainable Development (CEDESO)
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