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Geneva Peace Talks 2014
19 Sep 2014 -  Geneva Peace Talks, 19 September 2014 – "Let's talk peace!"
The theme of the Geneva Peace Talks 2014 will be "Let's talk peace!"
Speakers will relate their own personal stories about how overcoming barriers to communication can open spaces for resolving conflict and making peace, in everyday life and on a global scale. Speakers will draw on their practical involvement in peac
ebuilding, communications, peace negotiations or violence reduction, emphasizing the importance of communication and dialogue across lines of conflict. The Geneva Peace Talks will feature a diversity of speakers from across several disciplines and walks of life. At the same time the theme is to trigger a reflection in the audience about how we can overcome barriers to communication that in turn open opportunities for resolving conflict and shape new visions for peace.
The Geneva Peace Talks 2014 will take place on Friday, 19 September – two days before Peace Day - from 16:30-18:30, in Room XVII at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.
More information is available on www.genevapeacetalks.ch but you can already register here (mandatory).
You can also follow #GenevaPeaceTalks on Twitter and Facebook. To find out more about the Geneva Peace Talks visit the event website at http://www.genevapeacetalks.ch or visit the UN or UNOG websites.
Videos of last year's Geneva Peace Talks are now available on the Peace Talks website.
We look forward to seeing you 19 September 2014 at the next Geneva Peace Talks!