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54th Meeting 19th Session of the Human Rights Council
23 Mar 2012 -  A/HRC/19/L.30 - The situation of human rights in Myanmar - ADOPTED WITHOUT A VOTE -
[Please Refer to the HRC EXTRANET for more information on Vote]
54th Meeting 19th Session of the Human Rights Council. Reports of the 19th Session
Denmark (on behalf of the EU) - INTRODUCTION OF DRAFT RESOLUTION
Sri Lanka, Mr. Denis Lepatan
Cuba, Mr. Rodolfo Reyes Rodriguez
India, Ms. Kheya Bhattacharya
Myanmar (concerned country), Mr. MAUNG Wai
Russian Federation, Mr. Roman Kashaev
China, Mr. XIA Jingge
Thailand, Mr. Pisanu Chanvitan
Indonesia, Mr. Triansyah Djani
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