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Costa Rica, UPR Report Consideration - 26th Meeting, 42nd Regular Session Human Rights Council
20 Sep 2019 -  Consideration of the Universal Periodic Review outcome of - Costa Rica A/HRC/42/12, A/HRC/42/12/Add.1

Under Agenda Item 6: Universal periodic review

42nd Regular Session of the Human Rights Council.

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H.E. Ms. Adriana Bolaños Argueta, Ambassador, General Director of Foreign Policy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Costa Rica (Additional Information)
UNFPA, Ms. Carolina Aguirre Serazzi
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Mr. Manuel José Hernández Bustamante
Afghanistan, Mr. Hamid Abdulhai Formuli
Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Mr. Olmer Torrejon Alcoba
Brazil, Ms. Marcia Canario de Oliveira
Chile, Mr. Pablo Bustos
China, Mr. Dai Demao
Egypt, Mr. Mohamed Mozari
Gabon, Ms. Edwige Koumby Missambo
India, Mr. Senthil Kumar
Iran (Islamic Republic of), Mr. Ali Hasankhani
Iraq, Mr. Mohammed Al-Tatar
International Volunteerism Organization for Women, Education and Development (Joint Statement), Ms. Marta Forlin
Indigenist Missionary Council, Ms. Cristina Mayorga Escalante
Center for Global Nonkilling, Mr. Christophe Barbey
International Lesbian and Gay Association, Ms. Natasha Jiménez
Action Canada for Population and Development, Ms. Julia Bloch
International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, Ms. Audrey Ferdinand
United Towns Agency for North-South Cooperation, Ms. Eya Essif
H.E. Ms. Shara Duncan Villalobos, Ambassador, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Costa Rica to UNOG (Final Remarks)
Mr. Harald Aspelund, Vice-President of the Human Rights Council (Adoption)
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