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Local Interventions, Global Impacts - Internet Governance Forum 2017
18 Dec 2017 -  Local Interventions, Global Impacts: How Can International, Multi-stakeholder Cooperation Address Internet Disruptions, Encryption & Data Flows.

Following main policy questions will be addressed during the debate:
•Internet disruptions. How has the debate around Internet disruptions evolved during recent years, especially regarding new motivations and reasons for disruptions and how they impact on the global infrastructure of the Internet?
•Encryption. Has the debate around encryption evolved to a point where it poses a threat to public and national security that requires international cooperation to solve the issues of “local interventions, global impact” regarding encryption?
•Data flows. How can international cooperation help solve the issues of "local interventions, global impact" regarding data flows, especially if there is an inherent conflict between the collection/use of data as a tool for development and humanitarian projects and the protection of privacy?

Regarding issues of Internet disruptions, encryption and data flows, how can international organisations adapt to the ever-changing data policy environment while working on improving human rights, peace, and well-being?
How can efforts for cooperation and capacity development improve strategies, planning, outreach, and effectiveness in these areas to ensure concrete, positive communication and direction?