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Item:8 General Debate (Cont'd) - 32nd Meeting 26th Regular Session of Human Rights Council
24 Jun 2014 -  Agenda Item:8 Follow-up to and implementation of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action
- 32nd Plenary Meeting 26th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council.

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Argentina (on behalf of a Group of States), Mr. Alberto Pedro D'Alotto
Egypt (on behalf of the NAM), Mr. Walid Mohamed Abdelnaser
United States of America, Mr. Keith Harper
Russian Federation, Mr. Alexey Goltyaev
Indonesia, Mr. Caka Awal
Ireland, Ms. Breda Lee
India, Ms. Aparna Ganesan
Pakistan, Ms. Saima Saleem
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Mr. Edgardo Toro Carreño
Morocco, Mr. Hassane Boukili
Algeria, Ms. Zahira Abed
Sudan, Mr. Dafaallah Alhag Ali
Iran (Islamic Republic of), Mr. Nemutollah Mozaffarpour
Council of Europe, Mr. Petru Dumitriu
Netherlands, Ms. Alexandra Valkenburg
Holy See, Mr. Richard Gyhra
Canada, Ms. Alison Leclaire Christine
International Lesbian and Gay Association, Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID), Amnesty International, IPAS, Humanist Institute for Co-operation with Developing Countries, Federatie van Nederlandse Verenigingen tot Integratie Van Homoseksualiteit - COC Nederland, International Federation for Human Rights Leagues, Consorcio Boliviano de Juventudes - Casa de la Juventud, United Nations Association of the United States of America, Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights, International Service for Human Rights, Article 19 - International Centre Against Censorship, The, Human Rights Watch, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, Ms. Lame Charmaine (Joint statement)
Action Canada for Population and Development, Ms. Nema Sood
International Volunteerism Organization for Women, Education and Development – VIDES, Istituto Internazionale Maria Ausiliatrice delle Salesiane di Don Bosco, Ms. Maria D'Onofrio (Joint statement)
Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development, Mr. Iniyan Llango
Centre for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy, Mr. Awatar Singh Skhon
World Barua Organization, Mr. Dolendro Mertei
International Buddhist Relief Organisation, Mr. Oliver D'Souza
Action Internationale Pour la Paix et le Développement dans la Région des Grands Lacs, Ms. Kheirafa Charafi.
British Humanist Association, Ms. Amelie Cooper
Center for Inquiry, Ms. Jossephine Macintosh
Comité International pour le Respect et l'Application de la Charte Africaine des Droits de l'Homme et des Peuples, Ms. Fatima Bouddakat
Amnesty International, Ms. Patrizia Scannella
World Muslim Congress, Mr. Sardar Amjad Yousaf
Alsalam Foundation, Mr. Michael Payane
Verein Sudwind Entwicklungspolitik, Ms. Sholeh Zamini
Organisation pour la Communication en Afrique et la Promotion de la Coopération Economique Internationale, Ms. Gisele Laure
Liberation, Ms. Rosetta War
Indian Council of South America, Mr. Ronald Barnes
Global Helping to Advance Women and Children, Ms. Annie Franklin
International Muslim Women's Union, Mr. Altaf Wani
Morocco, Mr. Hassane Boukili (Right of Reply)
Algeria, Ms. Zahira Abed (Right of Reply)
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