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High Level Forum on Official Statistics: Data stewardship – a solution for official statistics’ predicament? - Side Event, 51st Statistical Commission (3-6 March 2020)
2 Mar 2020 -  Session 1: The evolving role of statistical offices: Data stewards and other approaches. Round-table discussion and Q&A
Session 2: Charting the way into the future: Different strategies or a clear path - Are national statistical offices ready?
Guided panel discussion
Official statistics’ role as predominant producer of statistics and provider of information for policy making is being challenged in the new data ecosystem as new data actors emerge and data demands increase.
This high-level forum provides an opportunity to discuss the new emerging data ecosystem and the possible roles of national statistical offices in this system, with the proposal of taking on the role as government data steward as a point of orientation. The keynote address will introduce the concept and emerging practice of data stewardship. Session 1 will present different approaches across countries. The concluding session 2 will discuss the future role of statistical offices in the new data ecosystem.