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Improving Peacekeeping Performance: A Year Since UNSCR 2436
6 Dec 2019 -  Objective: Discuss concrete actions by Member States and the United Nations to improve peacekeeping performance and fully implement Security Council Resolution 2436 (2018).
Purpose: Unanimously adopted in September 2018, UNSCR 2436 calls upon the Secretary- General to ensure that peacekeeping missions improve mission performance and address performance challenges including deploying the most capable and willing units to peacekeeping, implementing a performance policy framework, and reporting on performance. The event will allow Member States and the Secretariat to review UNSCR 2436 implementation, identify remaining gaps and propose next steps. The event will also highlight examples of best practice in peacekeeping performance from the field.
Format of the meeting: U.S. Ambassador Kelly Craft and UN Secretary-General António Guterres will provide opening remarks. The meeting will consist of four thematic discussions. Co-hosts will introduce each discussion, followed by a period for additional Member State interventions.
Thematic Discussion Questions
The four thematic discussions are based on the questions below:
1. What actions can the Secretariat, Member States, peacekeeping missions and host governments take to protect civilians more effectively, and, within missions, combat sexual exploitation and abuse?
2. How can the Secretariat and Member States improve performance evaluation, ensure uniformed and civilian personnel are held accountable for high-levels of performance?
3. What actions can the Secretariat and Member States take to improve partnerships between troop-and police-contributing countries and countries providing training and capacity building support?
4. Going forward, how can the Secretariat, Member States, and peacekeeping missions address gaps implementation of UNSCR 2436?
A High-Level Event during the United States Security Council Presidency Co-Hosted by India, Portugal, Senegal, Uruguay, United States of America and Vietnam.