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Panel Discussion on Rights of Indigenous Peoples - 16th Meeting, 33rd Regular Session Human Rights Council
21 Sep 2016 -  Annual half-day discussion on the rights of indigenous peoples
Theme: The causes and consequences of violence against indigenous women and girls, including those with disabilities

Chair: H.E. Mr. Choi Kyonglim, President of the Human Rights Council
Opening statements: Mr. Adam Abdelmoula, Director, Human Rights Council and Treaty Mechanisms Division,Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
Moderator: Mr. Albert Kwokwo Barume, Chair of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
• Ms. Aili Keskitalo (Norway), President, Sami Parliament of Norway
• Ms. Hannah McGlade (Australia), OHCHR Senior Indigenous Fellow and Senior Indigenous Research Fellow at Curtin University
• Ms. Olga Montúfar Contreras (Mexico), Director, Fundación Paso a Paso
• Ms. Victoria Tauli-Corpuz (Philippines), Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples

33rd Regular Session of the Human Rights Council
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European Union, Ms. Louise Auken Wagner
Canada (on behalf of Group of Countries), Ms. Rosemary Mccarney
South Africa (on behalf of African Group), Ms. Mpho Pearl Somhlaba
Dominican Republic (on behalf of CELAC), Ms. Katherine Urbáez
Norway (on behalf of Group of States), Mr. Hans Brattskar
Greece, Mr. Michail Manousakis
Georgia, Ms. Ana Doborjginidze
Ecuador, Ms. Analucía Jácome
Guatemala, Ms. Carla María Rodriguez Mancia
IDLO, Mr. Hector Guerra
China , Ms. Wang Ning
United States of America, Mr. Keith M. Harper
Australian -NHRI (Video message), Ms. Robynne Quiggin
Defence for Children International, Ms. Nerissa Morales Cordoba
Action Canada for Population Development, Ms. Meghan Doherty
Paraguay, Mr. Miguel Ricardo Candia Ibarra
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ms. Charlotte Marres
Mexico, Mr. Raúl Vargas Juárez
Colombia, Mr. Juan Carlos Moreno Gutierrez
Senegal, Ms. Mame Diarra Bousso Fall
France, Ms. Marilyne Olszak
UNFPA, Mr. Alfonso Barragues
Australia, Ms. Tanya Bennett
Fiji, Ms. Florieann Rose Bernadette Wilson
Albania, Ms. Filloreta Kodra
Council of Europe, Mr. Murat Adali
Namibia, Ms. Sabine Böhlke-Möller
Indian Law Resource Centre, Ms. Jana Walker
Graduate Women International (Joint Statement)
American for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain , Ms. Sigmon Erin Shetley
Algeria, Mr. Zoheir Kherrour
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of ), Ms. Andrea Valentina Dias Bolívar
Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Mr. Olmer Torrejon Alcoba
Nigeria, Mr. Patrick C.Y. Gbemudu
Tunisia, Ms. Intissar Ben Attitallah
Iran (Islamic Republic of ), Ms. Sanaz Tabe Afshar
Fian International, Ms. Christiane Juliao
Spain, Mr. Pablo Nuño Garcia
Egypt, Mr. Amgad Rezk
Honduras, Ms. Sandra Ponce
Maldives, Ms. Aishath Shahula
Congo, Mr. Jules César Botokou Eboko
Conselho Indigenista Misionario - CIMI, Ms. Samantha Ro'otsitsina de Carvalho Juruna