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Consideration of Costa Rica (Cont'd) – 1509th Meeting 67th Session Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women
7 Jul 2017 - 
Delegation of Costa Rica
1. Mrs. Alejandra Mora Mora, Minister for the Status of Women and Executive Chairwoman of the National Women's Institute
2. Mr. Ambassador Christian Guillermet Fernandez, Managing Director of Foreign Affairs for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship
3. Mrs. Doris Maria Arias Madrigal, Judge and Coordinator for the Gender Committee of the judicial branch
4. Mrs. Yolanda Delgado Cascante, Managing Director of Strategic Areas for the National Women's Institute
5. Mr. Robin Almendares Fernandez, Coordinator of the Sectoral Program on Gender and Rural Youth for the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock
6. Mrs. Gaudy Calvo Valerio, Business Manager
7. Mrs. Maricela Munoz Zumbado, Minister Counselor
8. Ms. Diana Murillo Solis, Counselor