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Consideration of United Kingdom & Northern Ireland (Cont'd) - 1672nd Meeting, 72nd Session Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women
26 Feb 2019 - 
Delegation of United Kingdom & Northern Ireland
1. Ms Elysia McCaffrey, Head of Delegation, Deputy Head, Government Equalities Office
2. Mr Charles Ramsden, Head of EU and International Policy, Government Equalities Office
3. Ms Shalewah (Shelly) Dowrich, EU and International Senior Policy Advisor, Government Equalities Office
4. Ms Nengi Ayika, EU and International Policy Officer, Government Equalities Office
5. Ms Anna Burne, Deputy Director, Government Equalities Office Legal Advisors
6. Ms Irene Solomon, Senior Lawyer, Government Equalities Office
7. Dr Beatrice Elizabeth Fannon, Head of Universal Credit Managed Migration and Natural Migration Policy, Department for Work and Pensions
8. Ms Caroline Louise Pearce, State Pension and Fuller Working Lives Team Leader, Department for Work and Pensions
9. Ms Fiona MacLeod Rutherford, Deputy Director, Legal Aid Policy, Ministry of Justice
10. Ms Alyson Francis, Deputy Director of Communities Division, Welsh Government
11. Ms Rhian Thompson, Equalities Legislation Manager, Welsh Government
12. Ms Lisa Bird, Deputy Director for Equality, Human Rights and Third Sector Division, Scottish Government
13. Ms Lesley Cunningham, Gender Equality Lead, Equality Unit, Scottish Government
14. Ms Carol McCabe, Head of Gender and Sexual Orientation Policy Unit, Department for Communities Northern Ireland
15. Mr Noel Griffin, Gender Policy Lead, Department for Communities Northern Ireland
16. Mr Chris Lomax, 2nd Secretary, UK Mission to the UN Geneva