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Consideration of Equatorial Guinea - 3623rd Meeting 126th Session of Human Rights Committee
10 Jul 2019 - 
Delegation of Equatorial Guinea
1. S.E.M. Don Alfonso NSUE MOKUY, Third Vice Minister of the Government in charge of Human Rights, Head Of Delegation
2. S.E.M. Don Salvador ONDO NKUMU, Minister of Justice, Culte and Penitentiary Institutions
3. S.E.M. Lázaro EKUA AVOMO, Ambassador et Representant Permanent in Switzerland
4. M. Nicanor Ondo Monsuy Andeme, Second Secretary of the Embassy in Switzerland
5. M. Don Manuel MBA CHAMA, General Director of Human Rights
6. Mme. Doña Claudia AYECABA ONDO, General Director of Protocol
7. M. Clarencio Ndong NGUEMA OBONO, Press and Communication of the delegation
8. M. Antonio SIMON HOSSEN, Assistant of the Embassy in Switzerland