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15th Meeting, Committee on Non Governmental Organizations - 2018 regular session (29 January - 7 February)
7 Feb 2018 -  Deferred quadrennial reports submitted by non-governmental organizations in consultative status with the Council [item 4 (a)]
Other related matters [item 6 (c)]
Consideration of special reports [item 7]
New applications for consultative status and new requests for reclassification[item 3 (b)]
Adoption of the report of the Committee on its 2018 session [item 10]
Background information on the Committee (its procedures, forms and documentation) is available on the website of the NGO Branch of the Department of Economi c and Social Affairs (click here).
Members of the Committee are strongly encouraged to use the online Paperless Committee System, where detailed information about upcoming applications can be found, as well as applications from previous sessions.
Contacts to the secretariat of the Committee (Mr. Alexander Lomaia, lomaia@un.org, Mr. Victor Leu, leu@un.org and Ms. Lidija Komatina, komatina@un.org).