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Argania, Ancestral Source of Sustainable Development
19 Feb 2020 -  The Kingdom of Morocco is honored to organize, in collaboration with FAO, UNESCO, UN-DESA and WHO, a high level side event that aims to explore the potential of Argania Tree and the Argan production sector in achieving sustainable development.
The Argan tree-scientifically recognized as Argania spinosa L. Skeels - is an extremely rare tree that is indigenous to Morocco. Due to its extraordinary characteristics, it is considered one of Morocco’s miraculous resources. Its traditional uses and benefits range from forestry and food to medicine and cosmetics.

This side event aims to:
1. Introduce to Member States the benefits and properties of Argania tree derived products, in particular their various health, cosmetic and culinary uses;
2. Recognize that the Argan tree represents more than 7 million annual working days for Moroccan people. The population living on Argan production, in a direct or indirect way, is around 3 million Moroccans.
3. Present the economic, social, ecological and developmental dimensions of the production of Argan;
4. Identify the societal dimension of Argan production and its contribution to sustainable development, particularly in rural regions (SDGs relating to poverty eradication, decent work and economic growth (job creation and woman empowerment), good health and well-being, climate action...etc);
5. Highlight the recognition of Argan tree by UNESCO, in 2014, on the Representative List of Heritage, as well as the recognition of the agro-pastoral system of Argania by the FAO, in 2018, as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS).