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Child online protection and empowerment in the Digital Age – the role of AI
5 Dec 2019 -  The Internet has transformed the lives of many of us at an unprecedented pace and scale. For a growing number of children around the world, the digital world is integrated into their lives in almost every possible way. Broadband connectivity brings many benefits to children, including access to education and entertainment, but it also has a dark side as it exposes children to risks and threats online, including different forms of violence and exploitation, such as:

Sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking
Harassment, victimization and cyberbullying
Radicalization and recruitment by extremist organizations
Exposure to misinformation and age-inappropriate content, such as pornography or violence
Apps and games that are designed to encourage unhealthy habits and behaviors, or have unmonitored chatrooms
Falling victim to illegal or unethical data harvesting and theft
The normalization of gender-based and other violence through exposure to online abuse materials

With the rapid expansion of broadband and connectivity, it is even more urgent to address the risks of online violence against children as it is scaling up to even more horrifying levels.

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. As we take stock of progress, we urgently need to address the threats to children’s safety and rights from cyberspace and redouble efforts on solutions that work. With this session at UN Headquarters in New York, the partners seek to continue this urgent solutions oriented dialogue. Together we can and must build a safer empowering digital world for all our children.