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ICT Accessibility: The Key to Inclusive Digital Society (COSP12 Side Event)
10 Jun 2019 -  ICTs play a vital role in ALL people's empowerment and represent an enabler for inclusion in society. Additionally, ICTs have the potential to quickly and radically improve people's lives, for example by facilitating access to information, basic services, healthcare and education, but these technologies are not always accessible or available to everyone. Therefore to achieve these goals the ICT should be available, accessible and affordable for all. The promotion and implementation of ICT accessibility represent not only a target but also a consolidated effort by all involved stakeholders to jointly ensure through awareness raising, policies and practices as well as provision of resources including standards, trainings, guidelines, tools and sharing of good practices, equitable access to information and communication, without limitation, as a tool for self-empowerment and inclusion in the digital economy of all people without discrimination.