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Looking ahead: How can development assistance be more disability inclusive? - Side Event of CRPD
18 Jul 2013 -  This event highlights opportunities for disability-inclusive development to be anchored in the processes of bilateral development agencies.  The Disability Rights Fund’s publication, Beyond Charity: A Donor’s Guide to Inclusion, is used as a framework for progressing this discussion.


Chaired by Peter Versegi (Minister Counsellor, Australia); 

Diana Samarasan (Executive Director, DRF); 

Ms. Ann Marit Sæbønes – Senior Advisor, Ministry of Children & Social Inclusion (Norway);

Ms. Charlotte McClain-Nhalpo, Coordinator of the Office for Disability & Inclusive Development, USAID (US); 

Mr. Sascha Reebs, Desk Officer for Social Protection and Persons with Disabilities, Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (Germany);

and Mr. Setareki Macanawai (Chief Executive Officer Pacific Disability Forum).