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MX2 - 3rd Meeting, Biological Weapons Convention Meetings of Experts 2019
2 Aug 2019 -  AGENDA ITEM 5: Biological risk assessment and management
· [TBC - Guest of the Meeting presentation - IAP/NASEM]
· Interventions by States Parties
· Interactive discussion

AGENDA ITEM 4: Review of science and technology developments relevant to the Convention, including for the enhanced implementation of all articles of the Convention as well as the identification of potential benefits and risks of new science and technology developments relevant to the Convention, with a particular attention to positive implications
· BWC/MSP/2019/MX.2/WP.1 – Rethinking the BTWC science and technology review: A renewed case for a BTWC Scientific and Technological Experts Advisory Forum (STEAF) – Submitted by Germany
· BWC/MSP/2019/MX.2/WP.2 - Scientific and Technological Developments of Relevance to the Convention and the Assessment of Benefits and Risks – Submitted by Switzerland

2019 BWC Meeting of Experts on Review of Developments in the Field of Science and Technology Related to the Convention (MX2) 31 July and 2 August 2019
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