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MX4 - 1st Meeting, Biological Weapons Convention Meetings of Experts 2019
6 Aug 2019 -  AGENDA ITEM 1: Opening of the Meeting
• Remarks by the Chair, Mr. Usman Iqbal Jadoon, of Pakistan

AGENDA ITEM 2: Adoption of the agenda
• BWC/MSP/2019/MX.4/1

AGENDA ITEM 3: Adoption of the rules of procedure

AGENDA ITEM 4: Practical challenges facing the implementation of Article VII, and possible solutions
• Guest of the Meeting – Dr. Rebecca Katz, Georgetown University
• BWC/MSP/2019/MX.4/WP.6 – Core Elements for an Effective Article VII Response: the need for an international coordinating body – Submitted by the United Kingdom
• Interventions by States Parties
• Interactive discussion

AGENDA ITEM 5: A set of guidelines and formats to assist a State Party, if required, when submitting an application for assistance in the framework of Article VII
• Interventions by States Parties
• Interactive discussion

AGENDA ITEM 6: Procedures, including the establishment and use of the assistance database, to improve the prompt and efficient response without preconditions to a request of assistance by a State Party under Article VII, and coordination and cooperation among States Parties and with relevant international and regional organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO), World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), as appropriate
• Technical presentation by the European Union
• Interventions by States Parties
• Interactive discussion

2019 BWC Meeting of Experts on Assistance, Response and Preparedness (MX4) 6 - 7 August 2019
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