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Panel Discussion following the screening of Syfy's "Incorporated"
21 Nov 2016 -  'Incorporated' is set in the dystopian future of the year 2074. "Climate change has ravaged the planet, causing widespread famine and bankrupting governments. In their place, multinational corporations have risen in power and now control 90% of the globe..." The discussion following the screening, organized by DPI's Creative Community Outreach Initiative (CCOI) with Syfy, focuses on the power of storytelling to raise awareness of global issues, with a particular focus on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals.
CCOI is the first point of entry to the United Nations for the international entertainment industry, including film, television, new media, and documentary professionals from around the world. CCOI facilitates filming at UN locations, assists with research on UN issues and storylines, advises on script authenticity as it pertains to the work of the UN and its issues, and much more.