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Rededication of the Normal Rockwell “Golden Rule” Mozaic
4 Feb 2014 -  The US government was given the “Golden Rule” Mosaic by the Thanks-Giving Foundation of Dallas, Texas, in 1985.
It was later dedicated and presented to the United Nations by then-First Lady Nancy Reagan, and accepted by then-Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar.
The UN Secretariat building has recently undergone a major renovation as also has Norman Rockwell’s Golden Rule Mosaic.
The United States Mission and the are hosting a ceremony to celebrate the return of the restored Mosaic to coincide with UN Week of Interfaith Harmony.

Participants: Nancy Cain MARCUS, member of the Thanksgiving Square Foundation and former Public Delegate at the US Mission, briefs about the Normal Rockwell ‘Golden Rule’ mosaic.
Jan ELIASSON, Deputy Secretary-General, notes that the mosaic portrays people from all backgrounds coming together on the basis of global solidarity, says that Normal Rockwell’s work represents people from all around the world.
Peter STEWARD, Founder of Thanksgiving Square Foundation, says that the eyes of the people portrayed in Golden Rule are looking at the life “we are living,” points out that those eyes will be looking on and on “long after we have passed”, says that they are people of different religious and cultural backgrounds linked by those “beautiful eyes.”
Jeffrey DeLAURENTIS, Representative of the Mission of the UNITED STATES, notes that Normal Rockwell’s Golden rule mosaic can be summarized as “do unto others as you would have them do unto you;” expresses pride that the US can be represented by “such an inspirational piece,” notes that the work of the United Nations is rooted “in the values embodied by the Golden Rule”, notes that the mozaic’s author would have felt that the United Nations was the most appropriate venue to exhibit his work.
Also participated Philip KINGSTON, Dallas City Councilman.