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(Session 1) DPI-NGO Fall Orientation Programme: We're going to help you navigate the UN (9 November 2017)
9 Nov 2017 -  The 2017 Fall Orientation Programme, hosted by the NGO Relations Unit in DPI, on Thursday, 9 November. This Orientation Programme serves as an introduction to newly DPI-associated NGOs, as well as newly appointed NGO representatives to the United Nations through DPI, to the work, structure and operational mechanisms of the United Nations.

Francyne Harrigan, Communications Campaigns Service, Strategic CommunicationsDivision, Department of Public Information.
Etienne Franca, Every Woman Every Child Team, Executive Office of the SecretaryGeneral Claudia Díaz, United Nations Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect
Dalita Balassanian, Executive Office, Corporate Strategy and Governance Unit, UNDP