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(Part 2) The working methods, transparency, participation, accountability and efficiency of the Security Council - Security Council, 7539th meeting
20 Oct 2015 -  The Council began its consideration of the item and heard a briefing by the Deputy Secretary-General.
The Council heard briefings by His Excellency Mogens Lykketoft and His Excellency Sven Jürgenson.
Statements were made by the representatives of Angola (speaking on behalf of Angola, Chile, Jordan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Spain), the United States, Chad, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, China, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nigeria, the Russian Federation and France (as part of a joint statement with Germany).
The Council heard statements by the representatives of Sweden (speaking first on behalf of the Peacebuilding Commission, and then on behalf of the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), Switzerland (speaking on behalf of and as the Coordinator of Accountability, Coherence and Transparency (ACT), a crossregional Group of 23 States), Germany (as part of a joint statement with France), India, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Colombia, Poland, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Japan and the Netherlands (speaking on behalf of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands).

The meeting was suspended.

Upon resumption, the President invited the representative of Tunisia, to participate in the meeting in accordance with rule 37 of the Council’s provisional rules of procedure.
The Council heard statements by the representatives of Thailand, Italy, Egypt, Estonia, Australia, Indonesia and Liechtenstein.
The Council heard a statement by the representative of the Holy See.
The Council heard statements by the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran (speaking on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement), Singapore, Uruguay, Sierra Leone (speaking on behalf of the African Group), Portugal, Turkey, Brazil, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Panama, the Czech Republic, Peru, Pakistan, Cuba, Ukraine, Argentina, Algeria, South Africa, Nepal, Rwanda, Kuwait (speaking on behalf of the Arab Group), the Sudan, Tunisia and the Republic of Korea.
The President made a statement in his capacity as the representative of Spain.