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UN-EU/regional organizations cooperation in the field of peacekeeping operations and crisis management
23 May 2019 -  Co-operation between UN field missions and those of the EU / other regional organizations can lead to synergies, complementarity, and ultimately help achieve the goals of UN reform in this area. In this respect, it is necessary to identify the shortcomings, parallels or cleavages in the joint action of the UN peacekeeping system and regional mechanisms and to address them in a holistic manner by providing common structured action guidelines for making peacekeeping operations more efficient.
Objectives of the seminar:
To identify concrete ways to increase the effectiveness of the interaction between UN and the EU/other regional organizations in the field of peacekeeping operations through better coordination, allocation of resources and complementarity of mandates.
To identify areas where EU contribution can bring higher value added to UN missions, focusing on early warning and crisis management throughout their cycle, stabilizing and consolidating peace, defining concrete steps to develop military and civilian capabilities through action plans and innovative partnerships.
Focusing the reflection process through the perspective of identifying synergies between UN PO and CSDP developments, including capabilities development, and the reform processes.