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United Nations Expert Group Meeting on Population, food security, nutrition and sustainable development
16 Sep 2019 -  III.a continued
Moderator – Astra Bonini, Division for Sustainable Development Goals/DESA 
Pierre Boileau, UNEP –Environmental and health impacts of food systems: 
Assessment by the sixth Global Environment Outlook
Cynthia Rosenzweig, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies – Food security findings from the IPCC Special Report on Climate change and land
Prajal Pradhan, Potsdam Institute for Climate Research - Climate change and food security, highlighting urban food system and regional specificity

b. Food security, population movements and settlement patterns
Moderator – Clare Menozzi, Population Division/DESA
Sara Savastano, IFAD – Rural transformation and creating opportunities for rural youth
Lorenzo Bellu, FAO - Population dynamics, rural transformation, rural employment, rural urban linkages
Alan de Brauw, IFPRI – Relationships between migration and food security