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10th Meeting of the Commission for Social Development, Fifty-fifth Session (1-10 February 2017)
7 Feb 2017 -  The 10th Meeting of the 55th Session of the Commission for Social Development (CSocD55) is taking place in New York (1 -10 February 2017) at United Nations Headquarters under the Priority theme: "Strategies for eradicating poverty to achieve sustainable development for all."
Follow-up to the World Summit for Social Development and the twenty-fourth special session of the General Assembly (E/CN.5/2017/2) [item 3]
(a) Priority theme: strategies for eradicating poverty to achieve sustainable development for all (E/CN.5/2017/3, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/1, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/2, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/3, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/4, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/5, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/6, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/7, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/8, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/9, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/10, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/11, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/12, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/13, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/14, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/15, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/16, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/17, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/18, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/19, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/20, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/21, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/22, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/23, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/24, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/25, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/26, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/27, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/28, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/29, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/30, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/31, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/32, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/33, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/34, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/35, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/36, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/37, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/38, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/39, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/40, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/41, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/42, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/43, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/44, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/45, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/46, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/47, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/48, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/49, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/50, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/51, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/52, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/53, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/54, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/55, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/56, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/57, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/58, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/59, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/60, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/61, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/62, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/63, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/64, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/65, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/66, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/67, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/68, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/69, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/70, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/71, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/72, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/73, E/CN.5/2017/NGO/74 and E/CN.5/2017/NGO/75)
Continuation and conclusion of the general discussion
(b) Review of relevant United Nations plans and programmes of action pertaining to the situation of social groups (A/70/61–E/2015/3)

(i) World Programme of Action concerning Disabled Persons
(ii) Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities
(iii) World Programme of Action for Youth
(iv) Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing, 2002
(v) Family issues, policies and programmes
Continuation and conclusion of the general discussion