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(4th meeting) 11th UN Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names (8-17 August 2017) - Economic and Social Council, 2017 session
9 Aug 2017 -  Technical Committee I (continued)
1. National standardization [item 9] (continued)
(b) Office treatment of names (continued) (E/CONF.105/77/CRP.77, E/CONF.105/87/CRP.87, E/CONF.105/104/CRP.104 and E/CONF.105/133/CRP.133)
Special presentation: “Geographical names standardization in Africa: challenges and constraints” by Ms. Naima Friha (Tunisia) and Mr. Brahim Atoui (Algeria)
(c) Treatment of names in multilingual areas
Panel discussion: National Names Authorities