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(5th meeting) Creating ownership at the national level - High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development 2016
13 Jul 2016 -  8th session - Discussion on “Creating ownership at the national level”
This session will explore the process of bringing the SDGs to the national level—of adapting the 2030 Agenda to pre-existing national strategies and plans and also, concurrently, of adapting national strategies and plans to the Agenda. This process will take a variety of shapes. Developing countries that can build on their MDG experience will be in a different position from the developed countries for whom domestic implementation of the SDGs means breaking new ground and adopting a new mind set. An open, frank dialogue on the challenges faced, the early wins and the plans for the future will be useful for all Member States. The session will draw on the expertise of the Member States that undertook a voluntary national review and on the views of UN system leaders and other stakeholders.