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CERF High-Level Pledging Event - A Fund for All by All
9 Dec 2019 -  Established in 2006, the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has allocated over US$6 billion to support life-saving assistance to 104 countries. CERF was created as a fund “for all, by all” and has over the past 13 years been the world’s global emergency fund that with unprecedented speed, predictability and flexibility supports life-saving aid and protection for millions of people, sometimes within hours of the onset of an emergency.
The 2019 CERF High-Level Pledging Event will seek to galvanize increased commitment to CERF to ensure that the fund is fit to respond to increased humanitarian needs. It will offer an opportunity to the humanitarian community to respond to Secretary-General António Guterres’ call during the 2018 General Assembly for increased funding to CERF. In particular, the event will:
1. Showcase CERF’s results delivering life-saving aid, including its role promoting fast and effective response to people in need, wherever and whenever crises hit. The session will focus on CERF’s support for women and girls, disabled people, education in protracted crises and other aspects of protection.
2. Offer donors an opportunity to announce pledges to CERF for 2020 and collectively ensure that CERF’s level of funding continues to increase and its donor base further diversifies.
The event will be organized in two segments that will take place back to back:
- Ceremonial Segment: The Secretary-General will open the event and initiate a ceremonial segment that through interventions by panelists comprising high-level representatives from Member States, Humanitarian Coordinators and UN Agency Heads will demonstrate the success of CERF in meeting the urgent life-saving needs of people in crises. The ERC will chair this session.
- Pledging Segment: A separate pledging segment will offer Member States and other stakeholders an opportunity to announce pledges for 2020. The ERC will chair this session.