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Consideration of Belarus (Cont'd) - 2433rd Meeting, 83rd Session Committee on the Rights of the Child
21 Jan 2020 - 
Delegation of Belarus
1. H.E. Mr. Igor KARPENKO, Minister of Education, Head of the Delegation
2. H.E. Mr. Yury AMBRAZEVICH, Ambassador, Permanent Representative in Geneva, Deputy Head of the Delegation
3. H.E. Mr. Aliaksandr LASHYN, Deputy Prosecutor-General, Deputy Head of the Delegation
4. Mr. Eduard TAMILCHYK, Head, Main Department of Socially Educational WWork and Youth Policy, Ministry of Education
5. Ms. Irina KARZHOVA, Deputy Head, Main Department of General Secondary, Pre-School and Special Education, Ministry of Education
6. Ms. Sviatlana KOPTSEVA, Vice-Rector, Educational institution “Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank”
7. Mr. Henadzi BARYSIUK, Deputy Chairman, Brest Regional Executive Committee
8. Ms. Anastasia TSIMANOVICH, Chief Specialist, Department of International and Legal Activities, Supreme Court
9. Ms. Vera CHAUSHNIK, Head, Department of Social Legislation, National Centre of Legislation and Legal Research
10. Mr. Raman MELNIK, Head, Main Department of Law Enforcement and Prevention, Ministry of interior
11. Mr. Henadzi KAZAKEVICH, Head, Main Department for Drug Control and Combating Trafficking in Person of the Criminal Police, Ministry of Interior
12. Ms. Zhana BATURYTSKAYA, Head, Division of Execution of Sentences, Department of Penal Correction, Ministry of Interior
13. Ms. Alena BOHDAN, Head, Main Department of the Organization of Medical Care and Expertise, Ministry of Health
14. Ms. Vera LABKOVICH, Head, Department of Population, Gender and Family Policy, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection
15. Ms. Inna VASILEVSKAYA, Senior Cousellor, Global Policy and Humanitarian Cooperation Department, Main Department of Multilateral Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
16. Mr. Vadim PISAREVICH, Deputy Permanent Representative in Geneva
17. Mr Andrei TARANDA, Counsellor, Permanent Mission in Geneva
18. Maxim ZHBANKOV, Teacher, Minsk State Linguistic University