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Ending Violence Against Women in Politics
8 Oct 2018 -  Violence against women in politics is a worldwide phenomenon. From polls to parliaments, the range of experiences of women in public life is rife with psychological, physical and sexual violence, both online and offline. These attacks are not simply part of the “rough and tumble” of political life; they are intentional ploys perpetrated by institutions, society and States, in some cases, to keep women from tipping the balance of power. The fundamental rights of women and men to live a life free of violence and to equally participate in and influence public affairs are enshrined in international and national law. Violence against women in politics is a violation of those rights.
Recognizing the gravity of this global scourge, the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, its causes and consequences, Dr. Dubravka Šimonović, has made violence against women in politics a thematic priority for the mandate.
The meeting intends to:
Provide the Special Rapporteur with a forum to launch her thematic report on violence against women in politics;
Discuss the overall daily challenges faced by women in politics in terms of dealing with harassment, sexual abuse, threats, and in some cases killings sheds light on the manifestations of violence in the world today;
Hear the testimonies of individual women who have been victims of violence in their political life.