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Fifth Committee, 4th meeting - General Assembly, 74th session
15 Oct 2019 -  Administrative and Budgetary Committee
Proposed programme budget for 2020 - Item 135
Special political missions
Thematic cluster I: Special and personal envoys, advisers and representatives of the Secretary-General
A/74/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.2, A/74/7/Add.2
Thematic cluster II: sanctions monitoring teams, groups and panels, and other entities and mechanisms
A/74/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.3, A/74/7/Add.3
United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan
A/74/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.5, A/74/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.5/Corr.1, A/74/7/Add.5
Introduction and general discussion