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Giving Back to Create Inclusive and Sustainable Communities - Civil Society briefing
24 Jan 2019 -  This session briefs civil society representatives and other guests about the reform process within the Department of Public Information (now known as the Department of Global Communications effective 1 January 2019).

Moderator: Mr. Jeff Brez, Chief of Civil Society, Advocacy and Special Events Section.
Additionally, the briefing showcases the work of civil society as a central piece towards making communities inclusive and sustainable. Speakers share examples reflecting the work of their respective organizations on the local and global levels that highlight and ensure resiliency, diversity, innovation and impact of civil society efforts on the ground.

Moderator: Ms. Hawa Diallo, Chief of Civil Society Unit, Civil Society, Advocacy and Special Events Section

Speakers: Ms. Alibe Hamacher, VP and Chief Operating Officer, IFMCCADI;
Ms. Sandra Uwiringiyimana, Author and Co-founder at Jimbere Fund;
Mr. Jean Paul Laurent, Founder and CEO, Unspoken Smiles Foundation.