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High-Level Panel Discussion - 2018 Global Humanitarian Policy Forum
12 Dec 2018 -  OCHA’s seventh annual Global Humanitarian Policy Forum (GHPF) takes place under the theme of “Solutions for Humanity: Creating opportunities for those furthest behind.”
This year’s forum focuses on global trends and challenges and provides an opportunity to collectively discuss how to provide concrete solutions to some of them.
The international humanitarian system is more effective than ever at meeting the needs of people caught up in humanitarian crises – but global trends including poverty, population growth and climate change are leaving more people than ever vulnerable to the devastating impacts of conflicts and disasters. Around one in every 60 people around the world is caught up in a crisis and urgently needs humanitarian assistance and protection. More and more people are being displaced by conflict, while the respect for International Humanitarian Law is severely reduced. The number of forcibly displaced people rose from 59.5 million in 2014 to 68.5 million by the end of 2017. Food Insecurity is rising. In 2017, an estimated 124 million people faced crisis-level food insecurity or worse, up from 108 million in 2016. Humanitarian crises affect more people, for longer, with the average humanitarian appeal lasting seven years in 2017 compared to four years in 2005. Large protracted crises continue to command the majority of our resources and work.