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Informal interaction with members of the International Law Commission
28 Oct 2020 -  Virtual dialogue between the special rapporteurs of the International Law Commission (ILC) and the Sixth Committee (organized by the Bureau of the Sixth Committee)
Introductory remarks H.E. Mr. Milenko E. Skoknic Tapia Chair of the Sixth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly at its seventy-fifth session
Remarks by Mr. Dire Tladi, Special Rapporteur on Peremptory norms of general international law (jus cogens)
Remarks by Ms. Marja Lehto, Special Rapporteur on Protection of the environment in relation to armed conflicts
Remarks by Ms. Concepción Escobar Hernández, Special Rapporteur on Immunity of State officials from foreign criminal jurisdiction Remarks by Ms. Nilüfer Oral and Mr. Bogdan Aurescu, Co-Chairs of the Study Group on Sea level rise in relation to international law
Question & Answer segment