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(Panel 4 & 5) International Dialogue on Migration 2017
19 Apr 2017 -  Panel 4 – Building from the ground up: promoting a whole-of-society approach to good migration governance
Good governance of migration requires the involvement and contribution of key stakeholders involved in managing the daily realities of migration or personally touched by the experience of migration. As the GCM is also an opportunity for correctly framing the perspective about migration and changing the often distorted discourse about it, it is crucial that the realities of migration are accurately reflected in the set of common principles, commitments and understandings about migration the international community is aiming at agreeing on. This panel will discuss ways to ensure that the perspective of relevant stakeholders, from local institutions to the civil society, private sector, to diaspora communities, migrants, origin and host societies, schools, academia are taken on board throughout the elaboration process and beyond during the implementation stages of the GCM. The panel will try to define the role and the contribution expected from these actors in the process towards the GCM.
Panel 5 – The Global Compact on Migration: an opportunity to synergize the efforts of the international community
In order to ensure that international commitments translate into actual assistance to people who need it, international organizations should help States strengthen their responses and cooperation. This implies a need to strengthen the UN’s leadership and capacities on migration. As the former SRSG, Peter Sutherland outlined in his report, there are 5 core areas where organizations must strengthen cooperation to perform better: 1. Anticipate and respond quickly to movements in a crisis, 2. Speak with one voice to deliver political messages, 3. Support and monitor implementation of SDG commitments, 4. Support “soft law” development and the formulation of common standards, 5. Work towards the conclusion of new, issue-specific treaties. This panel seeks to develop these themes into practical, actionable points and to share best practices already existing in these areas.