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(Part 2) Friday Seminar: Open Data - Side event to the 48th session of the UN Statistical Commission (7-10 March 2017)
3 Mar 2017 -  The seminar explored how open data initiatives can provide advantages to national statistical offices operating in both advanced and less advanced statistical systems, including in countries with limited resources. It highlights the benefits and efficiency gains to the overall economy and to ordinary citizens of sharing data in open formats and with open licenses, and how it can also enhance capacity and knowledge to produce high quality official statistics. The seminar provides a forum to take stock how countries around the world are progressing on open data and showcase best practices. It was organized around various aspects of the emerging issue of the development and use of open data platforms, and will be structured in four blocks of topics introduced by presentations followed by discussion with the audience facilitated by a moderator.

Meeting organized by United Nations Statistics Division.