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(Part 2) Preventing Terrorists from Exploiting the Internet and Social Media
16 Dec 2015 -  Special meeting of the Counter-Terrorism Committee with Member States and relevant international and regional organizations on “Preventing Terrorists from Exploiting the Internet and Social Media to Recruit Terrorists and Incite Terrorist Acts, While Respecting Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms”
Session III: Use of Internet and communications technology for counter-messaging purposes Topics to be covered: Potential use of ICT as a tool for countering the spread of violent extremism, including developing and disseminating effective counter-messaging narratives; good practices in creating platforms for alternative voices and formulating counter-messaging from the perspective of civil society in partnership with the private sector.
Principal objectives:
To highlight the ways in which ICTs can empower civil society voices, including counter-narratives, particularly from youth
To reaffirm the importance of developing context-specific counter narratives and messages and the role ICT can play in fostering local efforts
To highlight how ICT can facilitate the strategic dissemination of counter-narratives and alternative messages more broadly.
Moderator: Mr. Steven Siqueira, Acting Deputy Director, CTITF Office-UNCCT
Rapporteur: Mr. Edward Flynn, Senior Human Rights Officer, CTED