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(Part1) General Assembly: High-level Thematic Debate on "The Role of Regional Organizations in Strengthening and Implementing Crime Prevention Initiatives and Criminal Justice Responses"
6 Jun 2019 -  Cooperation between the United Nations and regional and sub-regional organizations has remained a cornerstone of the work of the United Nations as recognized in the UN Charter and numerous resolutions of the General Assembly and the Security Council. Regional and sub-regional organizations have continued to play pivotal roles in their respective regions in the areas of peace and security, human rights and development.
Meanwhile, cooperation between the United Nations and these organizations in matters related to crime prevention and criminal justice has intensified and become increasingly important given the magnitude and complexity of challenges facing the international community today.
The United Nations and regional organizations in many ways have unique and complementary capacities that when properly coordinated, can produce good results. This cooperation now plays a critical role in virtually every area of the Organization's mandate. These relationships have been strengthened and deepened in recent years across a wide spectrum in the three pillars of United Nations work, namely: peace and security, human rights and development. Strengthening these partnerships is important in promoting the principle of comparative advantages, complementarity and burden-sharing.
High-level segment with interventions from Member States
Interactive Panel Discussion: Enhancing the strategic relationship between the UN and regional organizations in Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice: Challenges facing the international community.