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Press behind bars: Undermining Justice and Democracy.
28 Sep 2018 -  Journalists are being imprisoned at record numbers around the world. They are regularly threatened, attacked and killed, which undermines not only their own fundamental human rights, but also the public’s right to receive and impart information. The past two years have seen record journalists imprisoned for their work, most on anti-state charges related to terrorism or official secrets, but also an increasing number on charges of spreading false news. Yet there has been little pushback and few countries have been held to account for their repressive and regressive practices. Countries undergoing ostensible transitions to democracy are chief among these.
The Committee to Protect Journalists proposes a side event to be held during UNGA high level week that would highlight global press freedom challenges, with an emphasis on Myanmar and other countries where journalists are imprisoned for their work, denied due process during trial, and where international attention could have an impact.