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Session 3 - 10th Global Forum on Human Settlements and 10th Anniversary of GFHS (GFHS - X) - Observance of “World Cities Day 2015"
30 Oct 2015 -  Session 3
A World Platform for Dialogue on Sustainable Urbanization.
Theme: "Scientific Planning and Design and Sustainable Human Settlements”

Chair: Mr. Craig Perkins, President, The Energy Coalition, USA

·Mr. Serge Salat, President, Urban Morphology and Complex Systems Institute, Paris, France
Title: Integrated Spatial Planning For Resilience & Sustainability
·Marina Khoury, RA CNU LEED, Partner, DPZ , Architects & Town Planners
Title: The Scientific Planning & design of Cities and Human Settlements. Civic Art – the making of thriving places
·Ms. Phebe H M Dudek,Lead Research Scientist MIT Urban Metabolism Group
·Dr. Frank Wolter, Senior Project Manager, Innovation Center for Mobility and Societal Change (InnoZ), Berlin, Germany
Title: Mobility efficiency and electric mobility – Electrifying urban mobility
·Mr. Li Jiwen, Vice General Manager & Chief Engineer, Huadian Power International Corporation Ltd, Shandong Branch
Title: Technological innovation leads the green development