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Smart Home to Smart City in Super Ageing Japan and China (CSocD58 Side Event)
14 Feb 2020 -  The convergence of Ageing and digital society is proceeding as the first trend in human history, UN is aware of this challenge as a part of SDGs. Japan is the world N0.1 nation with 30% ratio of ageing people and China is the world NO.1 nation with the size of 200 million ageing people. Both Japan (Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communication and Waseda University) and China (China National Committee on Ageing) will jointly organize the event to introduce the most significant social changes by presenting the best challenging activities on technology for ageing learnt from the best practices for innovative solutions.

The healthy living smart home with digital transformation by ICT, IoT, bigdata and AI is essential for upgrading the quality of life of ageing people. The smart silver city should be created for all generations and accommodate diversified smart homes friendly with comprehensive approaches. The networking reception will follow the event with speakers and participants.