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Third Committee, 21st meeting - 67th General Assembly
23 Oct 2002 -  1. Advancement of women [item 28 (a)] Introduction of draft resolutions A/C.3/67/L.20 and A/C.3/67/L.22 2. Crime and prevention of criminal justice [item 103] Introduction of draft resolution A/C.3/67/L.18 3. Promotion and protection of human rights (A/67/387–S/2012/717 and A/67/390) [item 69] (a) Implementation of human rights instruments (A/67/40 (Vol. I), A/67/40 (Vol. II), A/67/44, A/67/48, A/67/48/Corr.1, A/67/281, A/67/269, A/67/264, A/67/222 and A/67/279) (d) Comprehensive implementation of and follow-up to the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action (A/67/36) Introductory statements, followed by an interactive dialogue Chair of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Chair of the Committee on Human Rights
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